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Women’s liberation is impossible without overthrowing the overlapping systems of Capitalism, colonialism, white supremacism, and stolen wealth. Western women’s advancement into Patriarchal structures- men’s corporate culture, their militaries of empire- isn’t a sign of our ‘freedom’; that’s called ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”But we can. And we will.http://womensliberationfront.org/


Demand more research into mental illnesses

Demand more education on mental illness

Demand more positive representation of mental illness

Destroy the stigma that surrounds mental illness

Don’t let more kids struggle all their life not knowing what is wrong with them

Don’t let mental illnesses go unrecognized and untreated

Destroy this environment that favors neurotypical able people

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We all know that everyone needs to eat, but we tend to overlook the fact that it’s not efficient to cycle grain though animals. The production of a pound of feedlot beef requires sixteen pounds of corn and soybeans. From the point of view of world hunger, if you feed corn and soybeans to livestock, you’re actually wasting most of the protein and other nutrients that you’ve grown. If you think about the vast numbers of people who are starving on our planet, it begins to look like a crime against humanity to take 80% of the corn and soybeans grown in the U.S. today and feed it to livestock. But that is exactly what we are doing, so we can have cheap meat. Cheap, that is, if you don’t count the human suffering that is and will be caused by climate deterioration, the cruelty to billions of animals, and the unmet food needs of hundreds of millions of people."
• The New Good Life, by John Robbins (via vegan-veins)

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I may have blogged this fellow before but I don’t care, he’s amazing.
you are.
is not
you are."
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Stop being tormented by everyone else’s reaction to you."
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Reasons why...
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You don’t have to justify yourself to me. You did what you did."
• Sue Grafton, B is for Burglar (via gettingahealthybody)

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Ladies Walk, Ashridge |  Laura McGregor
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Bill Nye is my favorite
Dawkins needs to get over himself

Bam. Dawkins is a jerk.

Dawkins looks like he is being physically repelled by Bill Nye’s presence. Like Bill has this aura that pushes back assholes or something.

Bill is Ill


*talking to myself as I wobble up the stairs* , you are sober and in control of the situation

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